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There are different types of hair extensions that you can get. Each has its pros and cons. 

Sew In Weaves Ann Arbor MI

Sew in weaves are popular because of various reasons. We offer professional sew in weave Ann Arbor services. Give us a call today to get an estimate and book an appointment.

Benefits of Having Sew-in Weaves

There’s a reason why sew in weaves are popular. You get to enjoy a number of benefits if you choose these types of hair extensions. They are:


Low manipulation hairstyle which protects your hair underneath


These weaves encourage hair growth


They are versatile, that is, you can enjoy different types of hair looks, curls and lengths with sew in weaves


Can You Get a Sew in Weave?

If you have long hair and would like to try out short hair, you don’t need to cut yours. All you need to do is get a weave sewn in. in the same way, if you have short hair and would like to try out long hair without the risk of damaging your own hair, get a weave sewn in. it is these kinds of options that make sewn in weaves so attractive.


Types of Sew in Weaves

Before you get a weave sewn in, you need to know what is available in the market. Sew in weaves, like most hair extensions, come in two main categories:

  • Synthetic hair
  • Human hair: non-Remy, Remy and Virgin hair

These two categories are based on the type of material used to make the hair. Synthetic hair is generally cheaper. It also comes with some limits. For example, you cannot use some heat tools on some of the weaves as they will burn. Human hair, on the other hand, is generally more expensive. Some of it can withstand heat which means that you can flat iron or curl it using wands and tongs. Human hair is further classified into three. Virgin hair is the best as it hasn’t gone through chemical processing. This means that the hair cuticle is intact and the weave will therefore act like natural hair for the most part. Remy hair is the second best as it is hair that’s harvested with all the cuticles facing the same direction. Non-Remy comes in last as the hair is harvested without regard for the direction of the hair cuticle.

The type of sew in weave you choose will be based on your budget as well as what you would like to do with the hair, e.g., curl, blow dry or flat iron. Apart from the type of fibers, you also need to choose the type of curl pattern: silky straight, kinky, loose, body or full waves.

Once you call us about getting a weave sewn in, we first need to establish whether it is possible.

What to Expect

One of the fundamental steps of sew in weaving is to form a flat base or foundation. This is done by braiding your hair into conrows. These conrows have to stay in place for your weave to look neat and as natural as possible. Therefore, getting sew in weaves is only possible if your hair can be braided into tight conrows. Additionally, the conrows have to stay in place for a long period of time.

Before we can sew in your weave, we advise on preparing your hair by shampooing and conditioning. Keeping your hair tucked away while it is healthy and moisturized will promote growth and help in length retention. When you finally have to take out the conrows, you will not lose a lot of hair due to matting and breakage.

After we conrow your hair backwards and tuck in the ends, we proceed to gently oil the scalp and then sew the wefts of hair extensions onto the tracks. There are different methods of doing this depending on your preferred style and how tight you want the weave to be. Through the entire process, we strive to protect your hair and avoid extremely tight sewing as this can eventually cause hair breakage, receding hairlines and alopecia. We want you to look good now and still maintain your hair in the near future.

We offer some of the best sew in weave Ann Arbor services

Why Choose Us

We offer some of the best sew in weave Ann Arbor services because we:

  • Are Experienced Professionals

We know how to sew in weaves because we are trained professionals. We know how to conserve your hairline and prevent hair breakage through the right sewing techniques. Above all, we are able to protect your hair while ensuring that your weave looks as natural as possible and stays in for as long as you want it to.

Over the years, we have sewn in many weaves and this experience has further equipped us to provide these professional services.

  • Offer Guaranteed Satisfaction

When you get our sew-in weave Ann Arbor services, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We explain the different styles: partial sewing, leave out and invisible parting. We then let you choose the one you want and proceed to sew in your weave. We mark the areas where you would like to part your hair and ensure very clean finishes. All this guarantees a natural look so that other people cannot tell whether or not you have a weave on.

  • Provide Quality Customer Service

Customer service is of utmost importance to us. Our customers are our first priority. Therefore, we listen to everything you want. After offering our advice, we let you make a decision about what you want and then proceed to provide our services to your liking. We also know how tiresome waiting in a long line can be. We therefore do our best to slot you in as soon as possible and at your earliest convenience.

Give us a call

If you would like sew in weave Ann Arbor services, get in touch with us today. We will give you a free estimate and answer any questions that you might have. We look forward to providing you with these quality services.